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neuromore is dual-licensed under commercial and open source licenses

For Commercial Use

License neuromore Studio for your business starting from $3,000 per month (USD)*
  • Company license of neuromore Studio (all features)
  • Full rights to create and distribute software on your own terms without any open source license obligations
  • neuromore onboarding, maintainance & support
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliance guidance *Based on an annual subscription agreement
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For Non-Commercial Use

Download neuromore Studio for free
  • All features of neuromore Studio
  • Ideal for researchers, students, artistst, neurohackers
  • Access to a variety of examples to get started with various sensors
  • Open source license

Bespoke Professional Services

We help you bringing your vision to life and go to market fast
We’re proud to help value-aligned partners building custom, powerful, scalable and transformative products using biosensing and neurotech.With our 8 years of experience in the neuro- and biotech space we have the technical know-how, the scientific background, and the strategic business perspective to build you a high quality product that you can take to market in no time.

How It Works


Get started with a neuromore workshop

Setting the northstar and aligning teams

The first step in a strategic alliance with neuromore is a 3-day in-person Design Sprint with our team to set the course for a long-term collaboration.

In this stage we bring in our technical and business expertise to help you defining a strong strategy for a viable, feasible, and usable solution to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

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Building the MVP in 12 weeks

On top of our existing infrastructure

In the second stage we will execute the stragegy defined during the workshop and build the first version of the product. We’ll prepare a Statement of Work (SoW) including what parts of the solution can be white-labeled using our existing infrastructure, what features will be additionally developed as professional services, and a proposal how the revenues are going to be shared.
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Product iteration and promotion

Using an agile approach

Once you have a working MVP we will define the next stages of development for which we will define further SoWs. We will continue to work using agile development processes with regular deliverables.Simultaneously, our marketing and strategy team will help you in this stage to promote the product and to succeed with it at the market.
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