Bespoke Professional Services

Empower Your Vision, Amplify Your Impact
Harness the potential of neuromore’s unmatched legacy, founded upon two decades of deep-seated expertise in software development and networking. Our journey, deeply rooted in a rare blend of technological proficiency - from AI to logic-driven algorithms - and applied neuroscience insight, offers a holistic approach to custom, powerful, scalable and transformative products using biosensing and neurotech. With a rich history in the neuro- and biotech space we have the technical know-how, the scientific background, and the strategic business perspective to build you a high quality product that you can take to market in no time.

How It Works


Kickstart with the neuromore Workshop

Crafting Vision and Fostering Synergy

Step into our world with a immersive Design Sprint. It’s where visions merge, strategies are chiseled, and long-term collaborations are forged.

Leveraging our technical acumen and business foresight, we collaborate to design a robust strategy that ensures a mutually beneficial outcome for all involved.

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Transform Vision into MVP within 12 Weeks

Building on a Proven Foundation

In the second stage we will execute the stragegy defined during the workshop and build the first version of the product. We’ll prepare a Statement of Work (SoW) including what parts of the solution can be white-labeled using our existing infrastructure, what features will be additionally developed as professional services, and a proposal how the revenues are going to be shared.
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Continual Evolution and Market Positioning

Agility in Development, Precision in Strategy

An MVP is just the start. We believe in iterative development, refining the product with regular agile cycles. Concurrently, our adept marketing and strategy division will stand by you, ensuring the product doesn’t just reach the market—it thrives.
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